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14 JUN 2024

Q. Are the print advertisements showcased on this site for sale?
A. The ads are part of a privately owned collection and are not for sale.

Q. How do you choose which print advertisements are posted?
A. The site establishes a historical record of print advertisements from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s that reflects the lives of Americans during that period. Thus, the site attempts to be as inclusive as possible to document the numerous aspects of life during that era such as clothing, food, music, education, travel, economic development, construction, recreation and many other factors.

Q. How long will print advertisements be added to this site?
A. The private collection that is the source for this site contains many thousands of ads and these will be added regularly. There are enough ads to expand the site frequently for years.

Q. How will I know when new ads appear on the site?
A. Please join the site‘s Facebook and Twitter pages to learn when new ads are posted. These ads also will be flagged on the site as "New" for a period of time after they originally appear.

Q. What does the date posted with each ad signify?
A. Most ads in the collection are recorded with a specific date that they were published, which is what appears on the site. Since the same ad could be published in different years, this date does not necessarily signify the first year in which an ad was published. All ads on this site were published prior to 1923.

Q. Have the ads been digitally altered or enhanced?
A. The ads have been scanned, but appear in their original condition without having been digitally altered or enhanced.

Q. Where can I learn more about vintage print advertisements?
A. The site‘s Facebook and Twitter pages encourage discussion among visitors about vintage ads and provide a forum where information can be exchanged on this topic.

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