jay paull


18 MAY 2024

Jay‘s love of advertising started as a kid when he tore ads that caught his eye out of magazines and newspapers. That led to saving various categories of them and writing to companies and agencies for proofs of his favorites. For fun he has subscribed to various advertising publications and continues to clip intriguing ads. Thus, he was inspired to create this site to share his family‘s notable and vast private collection of ads dating from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s.

The site establishes a distinguished electronic repository showcasing a diverse historical record of products, services, educational institutions, literature, art, communications and various other aspects that shaped the lives of early Americans. The ad library is continuously expanding as he digs deeper and deeper into the collection, so check back often to enjoy new additions. You can find more information about the site at the FAQ. To learn when new content is posted and to contribute to discussion about vintage print advertising, “like” jaypaull.com on Facebook and follow the site on Twitter at jaypaull.com.

Whether you are a historian, an academic, in the advertising industry, a student, or have general interest about a specific aspect of Americana such as food and beverage products, furniture and home products, transportation, clothing styles, music, magazines and newspapers, jewelry, travel, photography, or medicinal products, you will find the site‘s rich content of importance. Thanks for sharing enthusiasm and interest about vintage print advertisements and for visiting jaypaull.com.

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